Thursday, January 21, 2021
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    Its4us Bus Traffic Pack Download

    Tested on ETS2: 1.31 Uploading Shortly

    Scania Touring Bus SETC Skin Download Tested on ETS2 1.31 version Bus Mod: Scania touring_ets2_by_M_Husni Download Scania Touring Bus SETC Skin Download

    Private bus Skin by Its4us Gamer Download for MARUTI KBS bus Euro Truck Simulator 2

    More Download will be available once Its4us Gamer YouTube Channel gets 1000 Subscribers. Subscribe to Its4us Gamer Youtube 1. Sri Jayavilas bus Skin pack...

    MAP SUMATRA Download

    Description Map Sumatra for ETS2 is one of the best right hand driver map mods available for download. The map is huge and you...

    NP Lorry Traffic Skin Pack Download

    Description:NP Lorry Traffic Skin Pack with Fix Total 10 Trucks  Tested on 1.31.x  Download Credits:Team KBS

    KBS Traffic Pack V0.2 Download

    Description:KBS Traffic Pack V0.2 Some New Skin Added. Tested on 1.28.x - 1.31.x  Credits:Rohit Krishna, Team KBS & Mods For You Download

    Scania Touring Bus mod works with 1.31 Download Link Bus Mod: scania_touring_ets2_by_M_Husni Credit : M_Husni Euro Truck Simulator 2Tested on version 1.31 Download

    KSRTC and Malabar Skin Download for MARUTI / ASHOK LEYLAND KBS bus Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Tested on ETS2 1.31 versionKSRTC & Malabar Skin contains 2 Skins and 2 Sticker Skins : KSRTC Paint Malabar Paint Sticker KSRTC Malappuram– ThrissurKollam – Munnar Download

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