Wednesday, April 14, 2021

    MAP SUMATRA Download


    Map Sumatra for ETS2 is one of the best right hand driver map mods available for download. The map is huge and you will enjoy your drive. It has more interesting areas such as road side shops, motels, bus station etc. Follow the instruction below to download and install

    Tested on 1.31

    You need have the following DLC’s for this map to work (DLC Going East, SCANDINAVIA, Special Transport)

    How to install and activate ?

    Step 1: 

    Step 2: Copy the downloaded SCS files to My Documents -> Euro Truck Simulator 2 -> Mods

    Step 3: Now open the game and create new profile. Go to Mod Manager and active this map files. After activating the mods files your mod manager active list should look like below. Put the files in same order as in below image

    Step 5: Now save the changes in mod manager

    Step: Now play the game and enjoy the map

    Map Credits:

    Creator: S.Ilham (Safarul Ilham)

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